Kessil A360WE Tuna Blue + Spectral Controller

Kessil Light + Spectral Controller Value Pack For Marine Use

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Kessil 360NE + Spectral Controller Pack

In the pack you will get:

1x Spectral Controller set

2x Kessil 360WE Tuna Blue Led lamps

1x Control Cable (Type1)

1x Link Cable


Kessil Spectral Controller

This is the answer on how to easy run you Kessil lamps and have full control at you finger tips. With the spectral controller you will be able to within minutes. From the controller you can even run 2 different systems if you should so choose or group your lights in 2.
There are no issues trying to connect wirelessly you will simply put in a plug directly into you master light and you are in contact.
With the quick set menu you can set up dusk-dawn effects throughout 6 different time points.  

The controller is magnetic and can easily be installed with a magnetic back plate right next to your tank

The Spectral controller is compatible with the 160 and the 360 series.

What is in the box:

1x Spectral Controller
1x Magnetic Back Plate
1x Power Adaptor
1x Micro USB Cable
1x Unit link Cable
1x Set of installation Screws

Why should you buy a Spectral Controller:

  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive menu and programming
  • Affordably priced
  • Manual and programmed features
  • Gives you full usage of you Kessil light fixtures


Kessil 360WE Tuna Blue:

Discon Fiberoptics (Kessil) has been one of the leading manufactures with in the Led Light game.  Where the lights from Kessil really stands out are in the quality of product and also if we look closer at the Led chip.
Most conventional Led lights will be utilizing mainstream led diodes. All the Led chips that goes into the leds from Kessil are made at their own factories in Taiwan, the chip is a breed of its own and patented.

All of the E-series models has a lower power consumption and are 15% brighter.

It is recommended to hang you Kessil WE unit 40 cm above the surface in order to optimize the spread.


Why should you buy a Kessil Led:

  • Natural shimmer mimicking natural sunlight
  • A specially designed spectrum
  • UV which will enhance coral growth
  • Compact design
  • Runs quite combined with highly efficient heat management
  • Controllable 0~10V
  • Possible to daisy chain (link multiple units)


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